Easiest Way to Donate Your Stuff (online!)

Imagine this: You have so many different items lying around the house, unused and collecting dust. Suddenly, you have this strong urge to give them away. But, how do you actually donate your stuff?

Usually donation drives need a minimum number of items or specific items for donation, not to mention the documentation for it. You may opt to go to the donation sites like Segunda Mana and Goodwill, but boxing bulk items and organizing them can be a whole ordeal.

You start to think if there’s an easier alternative like “Here’s my stuff, you can take them.” Well, here’s how:

Facebook Decluttering Groups

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There are a lot of decluttering groups on Facebook. You post the items that you want to donate, and wait if there are people who want to “adopt” the items you no longer need. Most of the times, the items that I find negligible turns out to be a big thing for others.

You can donate any kinds of stuff, from vacuum cleaners, to barely-used make up, school supplies, clothes, you can even donate food. You can also post in a “Looking For” thread, in which you ask for a specific item, and see if someone is willing to donate theirs.

Here’s a list of Facebook groups that I have used to declutter my items:

IMPORTANT TIPS for decluttering via Facebook groups:

  • Only donate items that are still functioning and useable

I know you want to lessen the burden of material things you have, but make sure that the person receiving the items will enjoy the things you donate. That means if the items are broken and unsalvageable, it’s not for donation- it’s for disposal.

There are still lots of people who are taking advantage of people’s generosity. Some Facebook groups have the option of posting anonymously, so you as the donor can protect your privacy. Never share any personal information that are not relevant to the donation process. As an added safety measure, you can look up the recipient’s name and check if there are any “scammer alert” posts before you proceed with the donation.

  • Be polite and accommodating

Just because you are in a position to give away things that does not entitle you to be condescending. Always treat people with respect.

  • Remember that the donee must shoulder the delivery fees

It’s common practice for the recipient to shoulder (and arrange) the delivery of the donated items (You can book using Grab, Lalamove or Mr. Speedy). Most decluttering groups will discourage that the donor cover the delivery expenses. Hence, it’s advisable to choose the recipient that is nearest your location.

  • Always give with a happy heart

The feeling of giving something makes you feel just as much joy as receiving something. Check-in with yourself if your intentions for donating comes from a place of generosity.

That’s it! Let me know in the comments how your donation experience has been. If you have questions feel free to comment or connect with me on social media.

Happy donating!


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