Everything That I Need, I Already Have

Online shopping really changed the game for consumption. Never has purchasing been this easy and quick. Adding to cart and checking out has probably become a habit.  

A major revelation occurred to me when I was dumbstruck about what to wear. I have this event that I needed to be, and I thought to myself “I have nothing to wear” while staring into a full, bursting closet.

So I did what any other gal probably would have done, I bought clothes online. It took me a long while to choose what I would want and pressed ‘check out”. The package came days later, and I was happy about the purchase. The day of the event came and I couldn’t even wear the damn thing. It didn’t feel right. So I rummaged beneath the piles of my existing clothes and emerged from it holding pieces of clothing that I eventually wore to the event. Why did I even buy the new clothes in the first place?

It happened to me again with electronics. I bought a charger because I swear, I couldn’t find my existing one. When my new one came, my old charger magically appeared under heaps of paper. My point is, when you think you need something, instead of falling into the habit of online shopping, look first into your existing collection of items and extend your resourcefulness.

It may mean the ideal you have in your head could be different than the one you already own, but you can tweak it in a way that suits your needs. Online shops present their items as shiny and as ideal as possible. With a little resourcefulness and creativity, we can also *make* our things as shiny and as functional as possible.

I know it’s easier to just buy stuff online rather than tidying up your closet and checking every item you own. At some point, being resourceful and taking account of things you own, will be the only sustainable antidotes for impulsive consumerism.

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