How Moving Goalposts Sabotages your Progress

Moving goalposts is like running a marathon with an ever-shifting finish line. You put in all the hard work, you sweat and bleed, but just when you think you’re getting close, the line moves again. It’s enough to drive anyone mad. In my experience, this phenomenon is not limited to any particular domain – it…

Why We Write ONLY During Tough Times

Do you ever notice that whenever you feel like your world is falling apart, you suddenly turn into a master writer? Your emotions are rapidly translated into words on your paper, and they just flow like a strong unstoppable tidal wave. Emotions are a powerful tool in fostering creativity. You suddenly have the voice of…

How To Overcome the Fear of Starting Something

It’s never easy to start something, especially if it requires us to learn new things and get out of our comfort zone. Be it starting a new business or leaving your current job or starting a new relationship. Below are some ideas that can help you navigate through this paralyzing emotion we call Fear. Table…

Everything That I Need, I Already Have

Online shopping really changed the game for consumption. Never has purchasing been this easy and quick. Adding to cart and checking out has probably become a habit.  

How Not Letting Go Harms Us

Like a handful sand, the more you try to grasp it, the harder it is to maintain it. Better to just let the tides take them back to where they belong to.


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