How Not Letting Go Harms Us

Letting go could be hard, but holding on could also harm us. Like a handful sand, the more you try to grasp it, the harder it is to maintain it. Better to just let the tides take them back to where they belong to.

So why do we hold on to things that do not serve us, memories that unearth our pain and fantasies we keep replaying in our heads?

What can I let go of today?

This is how we cope. We think it makes our lives easier. In reality, it keeps us prisoned in a blanket of safety, a blanket that’s familiar, a blanket of hope. These blankets are just illusions. They may make us feel safe but they actually turn our gaze from accepting the cold hard truth that these blankets do not exist.

The only remedy is to see the things, situations and people as what and who they really are. We have to see so that we know exactly what things we are making space for. Once the veil of illusion is lifted, we start to unravel parts of us that are attached to the past.

The hardest part is the sense of loss. When we sit within the void, we may be able to notice the things we want to bring within us, the things that can nurture us.

Take this moment to write down 1-3 things that you think you can let go of- things, relationships, or habits. Don’t overthink it, jot whatever comes to your mind. Write them down and set them free.

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