IKEA Philippines Shopping & Dining Tips!

Ikea recently opened its first store in the Philippines last November 25. Since then, people have been flocking to check the iconic concept store. It is said that it’s the biggest concept store in the world. Here’s a list of tips and guidelines you can follow to make the most out of your visit to this most-awaited store.

IKEA Shop & Dine With Me- Mini-vlog

Ikea doesn’t allow for walk-in customer visits to ensure COVID-19 protocols are met. Make sure you arrive early on your appointment date. 1 booking allows for 2 guests.

  • Arrive on-site and wait in queue

Ikea concept store is located at Mall of Asia Complex, Marina Way, Pasay City. Ushers & marshals lets you wait in line 30-45 mins earlier than your appointment. Expect long lines. There is a priority lane for PWDs, Senior Citizens & pregnant women.

  • Get in and shop till you drop

General Reminders:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

The concept store is confusingly HUGE and you will really tire your feet out if you’re wearing sandals or heels. However, for PWDs and Senior Citizens, Ikea provides mobility access like wheelchairs.

  • Jacket/ Warm Clothing is a must

The store is freezing cold! Even if you walk all around, it’s still freezing.

  • Practice Social distancing

After the COVID-19 hit, I have never been with so many people gathered in one place. SO. MUCH. PEOPLE. The amount of people inside the store was initially overwhelming. Remembering I am fully vaccinated put my mind at ease.

Shopping at IKEA Philippines

4th floor houses the concept stores. Here you’ll find curated pieces for different styles of home & living inspiration. This is also where the Swedish Restaurant is located.

3rd floor is where you can pick & shop the items that you want. You can also check out the items at this floor. You’ll also find here Swedish Food Market, Swedish Bistro, & IKEA Café.

Generally, Ikea is a self-service shop. There is a designated area for packing fragile items before you check-out. Yes, it’s you who will do this. But there are sales assistants to help you with locating items and taking them out on shelves.

 Lines are long even at check-out. For customers who purchased 10 items or lesser, a faster lane is provided. Make sure to bring your own shopping bag but shopping bags are available, starts at P40.00.

Dining at IKEA Philippines

The first thing we did upon passing entry was to get in line to eat at the Swedish Restaurant. The line was long and despite the poster warning us to stand in line for 2 hours, we got our seats after 45 mins.

Poster of approximate waiting time at the Swedish Restaurant

We ended up getting the famous Meatballs, Pomodoro Spaghetti, Marinated Salmon & Salad. The Pomodoro Spaghetti was bland for my taste. The famous meatballs were awesome as expected. What I really liked was the marinated salmon. *chef’s kiss* I was wondering the whole time if the salmon was farmed at Norway (not the best farming practice) and it turns out the seafood they use at IKEA are all sustainably sourced. #GREENFLAG

For the drinks, we had free flowing sparkling juice. There’s a selection of juices to choose from the drinking fountain.

  • Sparkling Nordic fruit water lemon
  • Sparkling Nordic fruit water pear
  • Sparkling Nordic water raspberry
  • Still Lingonberry drink

I didn’t like the fruit water lemon, but the best one for me was fruit water pear. Coffee is served at the restaurant as well, and it’s also free flowing.

As a self-service store, all customers are encouraged to put away their after-meal plates into a cart that they have provided. This also allows people from the queue to get a table faster.

Click here to see their full menu

Final notes

All in all, the experience was tiring AND fun! Interesting concept store definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for quality items and inspiration.

IKEA Philippines after dark

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